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Data to Behaviors

Support your retention processes with a robust data strategy.  Capture the  hundreds of behavioral metrics that your team is not measuring to dramatically improve retention.


Behaviors to Insights

What behaviors impact retention the most?  To effectively analyze which students are on track, you have to compare them against the right peers.

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Insights to Actions

Data’s final resting place should not be a static report.  Let your data live within your systems (CRM, messaging, BI) and processes with thoughtful integrations.

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Campus-Wide Analytics

Gain Insight into Hundreds of Student Behaviors

Attendance Percentage

Who's going to class? Generally the most powerful student engagement metric, now passively measured in every classroom.

Library Time

How effective is the library? Are students using it in a healthy and productive way? Do they show "library binge" patterns?

Social Usage

What happens outside of class? Are students experiencing social isolation? Universities spend millions on community spaces. Understand who's using them and how.

On-Campus Time

How much do students like being on your campus? Here's a high-level metric that often predicts engagement for both on and off-campus students.

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Why We Exist

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