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Tools to assure parents, students and stakeholders of COVID-19 health policies and practices.


Resources that provide early warning signs and leading indicators of overall student wellness.


Insights into forward progress and behavioral experiences that lead to college matriculation.


Differentiating factors that align to students' education aspirations and return on investment.

What if you could reduce the degree of risk for reopening this fall? What if you had analytics into high-density areas to help manage social distancing on campus? What if you could send contact tracing alerts and quickly identify contaminated locations?

Degree Analytics can help you model and manage a safe reopening.


Until recently, college leaders faced a diverse array of worries, from finances and retention to greater public scrutiny. This year, their concerns are coalescing around a single issue: Covid-19. How can their institutions reopen safely? What form should that reopening take and how can the variety of stakeholders that comprise their campus be reassured? Also, how can they model and adapt quickly to new information? Learn how you can build a response plan for reopening.


Planning for a Successful Reopening: An exclusive interview with leading university presidents and leaders on their approach to reopening — screening, social distancing, and other protective measures. Sponsored by Degree Analytics.

The Chronicle for Higher Education

Hear from CEO, Aaron Benz, on how Degree Analytics is pivoting its data solutions and machine learning technology to address COVID-19 safety and security measures. 

Student Success begins with STUDENTS

Today’s students have questions and real concerns about reopening. Hear what they have to say.

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Since our inception, protecting student privacy has been our top priority. We consider student data privacy in every aspect of our business from contracts to products. We also advise clients on how to approach the issue and improve their data privacy practices, particularly around wireless data management.