Institutional Research

Measure student engagement at scale and bring visibility to campus activities.

Engagement Metrics

Measure student engagement activities from event participation on campus to program efficacy.



Connect engagement data with existing applications and databases to centralize data and operations.


Analyze how students are using the campus, and focus on the insights, not the data hygiene.

Answering new questions to improve university operations  

Institutional research and effectiveness teams have been accustomed to dealing with several data sources like the student information system, surveys, and sign-in sheets.  These data sources enable institutional research to answer questions about outcomes for certain groups of students, student sentiment, and program participation.

While these questions help tailor a university’s focus, there are many institutional questions beyond  those three categories which can be supported once behavioral metrics derived through the network are introduced.

  • Class attendance – Who attends, and how does this differ by class characteristics?
  • Facility usage – Which facilities get the most traffic, and by what types of students?
  • Transporation – How do distance between classes and issues like parking affect academic engagement?
  • Co-curricular engagement – What activities get the most participation?
  • Academic engagement – What type of impacts do academic time have on grades or persistence outcomes?
  • Seasonality – How is the campus utilized differently by time of year?

All of these avenues of research can be opened up through incorporating wireless data, and they all can lead to creating a better student experience.

Class Attendance

Measure attendance for every class and every student, with more accuracy than manual methods, using the wireless data your university is already capturing.

Research Reports

Identify the top risk factors for student groups,  which programs have the biggest impact on student success, how the campus is utilized, and more using de-identified data.

EnGauge Analytics

Proactively identify students that need support, analyze campus engagement and programs, and integrate with any CRM or case management system.



I already have a predictive analytics program / risk score, why would I want another?

Unless you have perfect class attendance for every single student on campus, or you have an extremely robust system to manually collect data on students, the analytics tools and models that you’ve developed are going to be severely handcuffed by the data you can access.  The foundation of a great analytics program is great data.


Are engagement metrics out of the box, or custom to a university?

We can generate completely custom behavioral metrics for every university.  While we have best practices and groups of metrics ready to deliver when we begin working with a client, all of our metrics can be customized.


How can I integrate your data with existing systems?

While we offer a platform that allows users to realize the full value of the network, we also integrate with any BI / visualization tools, databases, and CRMs.


Can the attendance data being captured be used for Title IV funding?

While our class attendance data has proven to be more accurate than faculty manually taking attendance, we recommend that the data is only used for student success purposes to make sure we are only reinforcing positive outcomes for students.