Actionable Insights to Improve Campus Reengagement

What if you could reduce the degree of risk for reentry this fall? What if you had insights into high-density areas to help manage social distancing on campus? What if you could send contact tracing alerts and quickly identify contaminated locations

You can with Campus Pulse!

Campus Pulse

Early Response & Safety Planning System

Student Presence

Campus Pulse can use current network infrastructure to increase visibility into student presence on campus. Daily alerts can help make timely and informed decisions.

Social Density Mapping

Campus Pulse generates visualization heat maps to identify zone usage to gauge social distancing compliance and provide alerts to plan of action.

Contact Tracing

Campus Pulse uses WiFi and existing IT data on your campus to identify spaces exposed to COVID-19; thus aligning appropriate safety and health guidance.

Success begins with
safety and security.

Campus Pulse uses data-driven actionable insights to help manage and model campus reopening.

Degree Analytics can help you
prepare and model for reopening.

Degree Analytics Offers a Focused Hierarchy of Support


Tools to assure parents, students and stakeholders of COVID-19 health policies and practices.


Resources that provide early warning signs and leading indicators of overall student wellness.


Insights into forward progress and behavioral experiences that lead to college matriculation.


Differentiating factors that align to students' education aspirations and return on investment.

Degree Analytics is providing university and college task force leaders with meaningful, just-in-time data for engagement and reentry to campus this Fall.

Campus Pulse. Get the data you need to make informed decisions. 

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Jeremy Brown, VP  of Information Technology – Colorado Mesa University

Aaron Benz, CEO/Founder at Degree Analytics

Additional Solutions

Class Attendance

Take accurate attendance without friction.


Facility Usage

Gain usage insights to optimize facilities in support of your mission.

Behavioral Insights

Enhance student experience through daily/weekly behavioral feedback.


Degree Analytics is Improving Student Outcomes And Campus Experiences

Hear from Founder and CEO, Aaron Benz share insights on the future of analytical insights and how informed data can prevent students from falling through the cracks. The story of Sasha.

Privacy by Design

Since our inception, protecting student privacy has been our top priority. We consider student data privacy in every aspect of our business from contracts to products. We also advise clients on how to approach the issue and improve their data privacy practices, particularly around wireless data management.