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Ending the War between Big Data and Privacy

Big Data - The Opportunity Google processes a trillion searches per year. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, and it’s estimated by 2020, every person on the planet will be...

Consider Technology That Helps Promote Social Distancing

How can campuses reopen safely in the fall? That’s a big question officials at many institutions are trying to answer. One key is to enable and encourage social distancing on campus. Officials at Apogee and Degree Analytics have partnered to create a solution that enables campus officials to track where people are gathering. Heat map displays show how many people are in an area.

Edsurge Write Up at Educause 2019

Marc Speed, vice president for partner success at the company, said, “What wireless allows you to do is go from a reactive approach of ‘oh no, this student just failed a quiz or they have failing grades at midterms or finals,’ to, ‘I understand that this is something that a student is struggling with right now, and I can reach out to proactively to get ahead of the problem,”

The Chronicle of Higher Education

“The early stages of it is like, Can we do this? And then realizing that you can, then it becomes, Well, what can we do with this? And I think we’re now getting into the space of, Should we be doing this?”

Dr. Chris Brooks – Director of Research at Educause

Sacramento State + Degree Analytics

The California State University system is leading the way in creating a culture integrated with data insights. Sacramento state is one of two schools in the CSU system piloting Degree Analytics to help bring more proactive insights to bear by leveraging the wireless infrastructure on campus to measure student engagement at scale.

ASU + GSV 2019 Summit

The ASU + GSV Summit is the most impactful convening of leaders in education and talent tech. Our CEO, Aaron Benz was invited as one of the Top 100 Innovators in education. Check out his presentation here.

Stanford Invitation

Degree Analytic’s own Aaron Benz writes about being invited to participate in a high level subcommittee at Stanford University.
Despite representing a relatively small startup, Aaron was peppered with questions. Find out why.

Laying The Foundation

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