Research Projects

Understand your students from the top-level.

In addition to providing software solutions and early alerts, Degree Analytics can engage from a research perspective to identify the largest areas of opportunity for your data strategy and early alert strategy.

Understanding how your students behave and how advisors can make a difference can be the first step in creating a robust data and advising strategy.

The Research-Based Approach

Data experts guiding your team towards a bespoke data strategy.

Data-Driven Decisions

Understand the potential value of incorporating new data, changing advising processes, and integrating new systems.  Using this approach, we can measure the effects of any technology changes before they occur.

Economical & Short Time to Value

While some technology implementations can take semesters, our research approach does not affect production-level technology and can be conducted quickly and independently of current operations.

De-Identified Data

To conduct a top-level research analysis, no student data needs to be identified. Conducting an analysis on anonymous, historical data has no direct impact on current students.

Strategic Framework

Whether you are just beginning your data journey or optimizing a sophisticated analytics system, a research- based approach can help you prioritize and structure an entire analytics initiative.

Research Deliverables

Reports & Data Highlights

  • Device Usage
  • Campus Usage
  • Cohort Analyses
  • Academics and learning analysis
  • Social and Engagement Analysis
  • Predictive Models & Efficacy
  • Ranking of Important Behaviors
  • Raw Data & Metrics Via API or Secure Transfer