Data’s final resting place should not be a static report.
Let your data live within your systems and processes.

Data is meaningless unless it can be used to positively impact the lives of students. By its very nature, behavioral data is more actionable because behaviors can be changed. We focus on putting the right behavioral data in front of the right people and systems to make a difference in students lives.

EnGauge Analytics

Simple. Elegant. Informative.

The student success platform that delivers more behavioral insights than any other.

Student behavioral analytics begins with the system that was designed by the people obsessed with student behaviors. We’ve developed a multi-level dashboard to analyze student behaviors from an executive and student perspective.

Never before have so many informative behaviors existed in one place.

All Your Behavioral Metrics in One Place

The EnGauge Dashboard delivers everything you need to know about student behaviors and their importance.

Executive Dashboard

Summarizes your student behaviors from the top level so you can observe major trends and deliver executive reports.

Cohort Analyses

Generate reports on any cohort of students you can think of, so your team can analyze behaviors and make recommendations to hundreds of students at a time.

Student Dashboard

Analyzes student behaviors and shows advisors what students are doing well and where they can improve.

Plug & Play Integrations

We know you already have systems and processes in place, and we don’t try to do everything ourselves. Our robust API allows us to connect to all types of systems to ensure that your whole organization is more informed by student behavioral data.

Visualization Tools

We’ll integrate our metrics and predictions with your executive dashboards so you can fully customize your analysis with any platform, and integrate with other university metrics.


Advisors must close the loop with at-risk students, so we’ll send our metrics and alerts to the one source of truth when connecting with students, the CRM or case management system.


Have a custom app that you would like to use to personalize the experience of every student on campus? We can integrate to provide behavioral recommendations to every student on campus.


Receive Notifications for Rapid-Response

Your advisors don’t have time to monitor the performance of all of their students. So we use machine learning to understand when students have displayed critical behaviors, and then we notify them so they can take action.

  • Missed Class for Two Days Straight
  • Off Campus for a Week
  • Missed Orientation
  • Unhealthy Study Patterns
  • Social/Community Opportunities
  • Transportation Opportunities

Turn your data into actionable retention insights.